Happy 4 Years!

We were talking in the car the other day. About how our wedding felt like yesterday. Also how it felt like 100 years ago.


So much has changed over the last four years. My husband may or may not be losing more hair than he used to. Wink, Wink.

I may or may not wear yoga pants. Every. Saturday. There are many things that have sweetened over the years. (That just sounded like my mamaw talking about being married for 50 years. Not there yet!) :)

Family life in law enforcement has become less of a struggle, but more of an ever present concern. The walk out the door each morning becoming a pressing feeling that it could be the last time.


Our laughs are much hardier. Laughs that are iced with the pain of the last year. Our friendship deeper. Our marriage not taken for granted.

Our God. Much Bigger.


As a “jacked up human being”, it is amazing that God would want to use me and my messy life to do anything. Especially, serve Him.

Thank you to my provider husband who does more than just work. Who provides for his wife on a deeper level emotionally even when it doesn’t come second nature. Thank you for being intentional.

I am ready for 104 more! If Jesus tarries that long! I will happily push around your wheelchair and sit with you on our porch at 128!

I love you. Always and Forever!

All Photo Credits: Paula Player Photography