Please Don't Call Me Crunchy

You probably already have a picture in mind before you have began reading. Don't you? :) I am not a sales person. A doctor. A pusher. Or that weird used car guy from down the street. However, I do love to tell stories. Whether that is through the lens of my camera, or out of my... well,  not eloquent mouth.

Over the past few months my household has been trying essential oils. Through a series of health difficulties and having very few options for relief, I made an effort to educate myself on the very mysterious arena of natural healing. I knew that my mama had used essential oils on us as children, to help us sleep, or keep us away from that gnarly cold that goes around every year! What amazes me is that God spent His infinite wisdom creating us and then gave us the one place in the universe to live, that medicine literally grows from the ground.


DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Dawn, Lavender, Water.

I am learning a lot about essential oils. I promise I don't walk around with them in my pockets ready to "anoint" people around me! :) I do know for certain, that they can play an integral role in keeping our bodies in balance and warding our immune systems from illness. I also know that they have to be pure. Like straight off the plant, no chemicals or additives kind of pure.

Here is the kicker. Essential oils are expensive. Like really expensive. Or at least that was my excuse before I had done my research! (You would think that a teacher by trade would know that they have to research before drawing a conclusion! Hello!)

DIY Floor Cleaner: White Vinegar, Hot Water, 1-2 Drops of Lavender (keeps away bugs!)

Enter Spark Naturals. These people have understood that there are people who would love to try essential oils, but just can't afford it. I was in that category, y'all! They also are passionate and serious about purity of their product. I do not think twice when rubbing their oils on my feet, adding them to my drink, or breathing them in.

If you have wondered about essential oils or were too budget conscious to jump in, now is your chance! I have a coupon code just for you! You can use this with every order, it never expires, and you can share with all of your closet "crunchy" friends! Here is how to start! Go to Spark Naturals. Load up on some great starter oils, like lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca (tea tree oil). Type in the coupon code TYNER10 and get 10% off your order!

Easy! No subscription. No one time only discount codes! Please use mine forever and ever amen!!!

There are a million things to do with essential oils! Do your research and start "healthing" your household! :) (Sorry, got a little "crunchy granola" there at the end!)

Love and Laughter,