When You are Missing One This Season...

A season full of joy can be laced with pain. 

So many people have lost loved ones this year. A seat that was full last year will be empty.

Many sweet mamas and daddies have lost their babies before they got to meet. Arms and nurseries are empty this Christmas.

Our family lost a precious baby that we hoped to hold tightly this year. A baby that could have been in a loving home, returned to one not so loving. 

Months of resuming to our "normal" routine allowed me to think that the numb pain that I tend to feel wouldn't rage this Christmas. 

I am fully capable of grieving properly and moving on...right? 


Jesus made our hearts breakable so that He could mend them. That takes time. 

While you may not have that sweet little one in your arms this Christmas or family member laughing at the dinner table, Jesus is still holding you. 

It's still okay to cry. Tell Him what you are feeling. 

The scar of loss may never go away, but my God takes broken things and makes them beautiful again. 

Your story hasn't stopped being written. He has something mighty for you on the other side. 

I would love to give you a big hug this Christmas. I know what you are feeling. Loss is heavy. 

Yet, it was never intended to be carried alone. Curl up in the arms of Jesus this Christmas season. He can place His tender hand over the throbbing hole in your heart. 

And He can give you JOY. 

Merry Christmas dear one. You have my heart this season.

love and laughter,