Simply Christmas.

Christmas hullabaloo...

Sometimes I feel like I am standing in front of the ocean racing in to...

Trip me, overtake, or unsteady my feet during this season. 

It is so incredibly... impeccably wrong.

Christmas is so very much more. 

More than the lists, the full calendars, the travel, the scheduling...

It's about Him. It's about Grace. It's about undeniable Sacrifice. 

STOP. Just for a second sweet friend and lean in to His presence. For it is good.

That baby in your nativity scene is so much more than just a story. He is our righteous King. 

Coming for you...

Look for Him. 

If you have to push away the garland, chubby Santas, stacks of presents, and anxiety that fills your heart, do it. 

For He is the One we are celebrating. He is worth it. 

Merry Christmas dear one. 

love and laughter,