So You're Engaged! 4 Things to Do Now So You Can Enjoy This Season!

**I wrote this a year ago, but the words are still so true. If you are engaged this is a MUST read!!!

From the moment that you clicked Publish on Facebook or that big blue check on Instagram, it has probably been a wild ride!


You are getting married!!

Your friends have a thousand questions! Mainly, are they invited!

Your mama needs details about your wedding plans, like yesterday. 

Your daddy is already pinching pennies. 

Your heart is becoming overwhelmed. 


As a bride once myself, I feel you girl. I really do! It happens so fast, what you have been waiting on for so long. However, this part, passes by quickly. If you spend most of it worrying, you will have missed out on an irrecoverable moment in time between you and your future hubby. 

Here are some tips for keeping your sanity and enjoying every beautiful thing that comes in this season of your life together. 

  1. Turn those dang notifications off on your phone! (Believe me, the moment I did this, I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted) You do not have to look at each Instagram like in real time. Curl up and watch Netflix with your man instead. 
  2. Encourage your man. Talk about what a wonderful job he did proposing. And planning the proposal, can I get a witness? When you two spend time talking about the joy you felt that day, it's contagious. 
  3. When asked wedding details, say "We are living it up right now. As soon as we nail down a wedding date, I promise you will be one of the first to know!" You don't have to have your wedding all planned out right now! Most people, that's all they know to ask. When you share with them your desire to enjoy your moment, it opens the conversation to less stressful things such as, well... your proposal or love story. 
  4. Pray over your upcoming decisions and unity between you and your groom. Let's face it. Planning a wedding is STRESS....FUL! Guard your hearts and ask Jesus to help you know what is an important thing and what is not so earth shattering. I promise, it will save you from picking up a lot of broken pieces before your wedding day.

Ladies, this is fun stuff. Spend some time staring at that rock on your finger more than staring at your countdown app. Look your people in their eyes and thank them for their support. And yours will be the best wedding yet! 

I love you all!

Love and laughter,