Boone Hall Plantation

The hubs and I took a date to Charleston. 


I have been drooling over this plantation ever since I was planning my own wedding. Our day did not disappoint. 

We were toured, educated, and swept back in time with this place. 

I would love, with everything in my being, to shoot a wedding at Boone Hall one day. And I am pretty sure that my husband got tired of hearing that...ALL DAY! 

The avenue of oaks, the gorgeous grounds, time tested bricks that have seen so much...

It is a place to take a day and soak in all that God has created and envy the beauty that surrounds this spectacular plantation home. 

If you are out there and want to get married in Charleston, add this place to your list...and drop me a line... :)

In other wisdom, DATE YOUR SPOUSE! It is a breath of fresh air. An ever present reminder of the blessing you were given! 

Merry Christmas!