Judah Newborn | Spartanburg, SC Family Photographer

This at home newborn session was not like any other. It was incredibly special. 



I love this little boy's mama. 

Like she is my sister, but better. Without the arguing. :) 

Tanya has been my heart friend for what seems like forever. She gets me. I get her. 

We dream together. Grieve together. Get big goofy grins together. Intercede on the others behalf. It's a friendship I do not take for granted. 

Hours pass too quickly when we are together, yet we can pick up right where we left off. 

She is the friend that turns my eyes right back to the Father when I turn the other direction. When I am hurt. Confused. Angry. 

She gives me a space to share my dreams no matter how ridiculous. And can discern exactly what to pray. 

Best friends don't always make the best couple friends. But they do. 

Her husband Levi and my husband are peas in a pod. They work in the same field and can talk shop like the best of them. 

They are couple friends that my husband and I are proud to have. Not just friends. Family. 

When I found out that Tanya was pregnant, I got this jittery excitement inside. I couldn't wait to watch her become a mama and spoil my "nephew" rotten! I fully prepare to spend a lot of time even from a long distance, getting into "auntie" trouble with Judah! 

I already love holding him and staring at his precious face. Just as I would if he were my own. Because he's more than my best friend's baby. He's family too. 

Levi and Tanya,

We are so incredibly excited and honored to be able to walk through life with you. We are especially grateful to be able to love on your precious little one for at least the next 20 years! :) Thank you for granting me the opportunity to capture this precious slice of life. I am always available for Judah cuddles and talks on the couch. I am excited to see how God uses your already willing hearts to do amazing things for Him through this spectacular little boy!

Watch their slideshow here! 

Love and Laughter, 



Photo Session Giveaway

Our client giveaway was so great that I wanted to open up another giveaway to all of my followers or future followers!

We are giving away a one hour photo session for a lucky winner in the Myrtle Beach, SC or the Greenville, SC area. 

2016 is going to be our best year yet and we want to share that with you! 

Here is the instructions to enter! Please do each step! I will be checking!!!!

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We will draw names out of a hat on Monday January 25, 2016. The names will be those who followed all 4 steps!!! 

*1 hour photo session in the Myrtle Beach or Greenville, SC areas. No prints will be given. Online access to download your photos will be received.

I am so excited to see who gets to be a part of our giveaway!

love and laughter, 


Allie Newborn Session | Travelers Rest Photographer

The Jennings family and I go way back! Well, Kathryn and I go way back to high school and I have jokingly become the “Jennings Family Photographer”. As hilarious as that is, I cherish it. They have allowed me to capture super important times in their lives. This was not any different. I remember feeling so giddy when I received a message from Kathryn explaining that she was pregnant and that I would need to make a trip to do newborn pictures in June. Wink. Wink. I obliged and was thrilled when I found out that Allie had been born.

Cue the adorable baby music. If that is even a thing.

Welcome to this big world Allie Mae Jennings. I look forward to watching you grow on the other side of my lens for a long time!

Love and Laughter,