Best of 2016

It doesn't feel like it has been that long ago that I wrote the Best of 2015 post. 

Years fly by fast. 

I loved looking each one of these precious people in the eyes this year. They impacted my life more than they know. 

It is an honor to be entrusted with their memories. To give them slices of life to share with the next generation!

2017 brings some wonderful changes both for my household and for Poured Out Photography. I cannot wait for you to be a part of it. 

For those of you who come back to me year after year, I do not take your loyalty for granted. I love getting to be a part of your life and watch your families grow. 

For those who I met for the first time this year, I couldn't love you more. I feel like we have been friends a long time. Thank you for that gift. 

For those of you who are really wanting to capture your family but are putting it off, let 2017 be your year! It is worth it!

Each couple or family below feels like family to me. I love them all. Since I love them so much, I am doing a contest.

Whichever couple or family gets the most comments ON THIS BLOG POST will receive a custom ornament for their tree with a photo of their session/wedding. 

Share on Facebook, Instagram, print a poster, call your grandma, and have your people vote! 

All they will have to type is the name of the couple or family and they are golden! Ex. I just love the photo of "Jack and Jill"!

Easy! We will pick a winner January 6th, 2017!!!

You can click their names below for links to their blog posts!

Happy Voting!


Shalon + Kristin

Murrells Inlet, SC Engagement

Kylee & Christian

Conway, SC Prom

Paula and Jamey Collins Family 

Conway, SC Family 

Emory and Hannah Showalter

Greer, SC Wedding

Kevin + Jessie

Charleston, SC Engagement

Marcus and Danielle Anderson

Surfside Beach, SC Anniversary

Alex + Sarah

Columbia, SC Engagement

The Lockabys 

Aynor, SC Family 

Zack and Gabbie Capps

Greenville, SC Wedding

The Hilburns

Aynor, SC Family 

The Coopers

Conway, SC Family

The Carrolls

Landrum, SC Family

The Marlowes

Landrum, SC Family


Comment Below!!!!

Love and Laughter, 


State House Columbia, SC Engagement Session | Alex and Sarah

The state house in Columbia, SC was the perfect backdrop for this precious couple! It was classy yet laid back. Peaceful yet bustling with life. 

From the time I spoke with Sarah on the phone, I knew she was going to be an amazing addition to the #pouredoutbride family! She is crazy intelligent and has a sweet spirit about her. It has been a joy getting to know her virtually for the last few months. 

After receiving more information about Sarah and Alex, I was certain they were going to be a blast to be around! And they are! Their story is so beautiful and their personalities are everything I thought they would be and more! 

I was so excited to finally meet them in person that I immediately hugged them like long lost friends. They already felt like friends and we hadn't met! Those are people worth knowing!

They dealt with my cheesy lines and trusted me with photographing them in such a public place. And they were ROCKSTARS! I could have sworn that they had "studied" or practiced before hand! 

Their love for each other was so evident. They kidded. They laughed. They made me smile THE WHOLE TIME. I got in the car at the end of the night and my cheeks literally hurt from smiling. And that is a beautiful thing. 

They conveyed exactly how they felt about each other to me and through their photographs. I know that you will see it too. 

Sarah and Alex, I knew you and your love story was going to be a pleasure to capture. I just didn't realize how much. You two are gorgeous from the inside out. (I promise I am not trying to sound like a mom!) Even after knowing you for just a short while, I feel like we have been friends for a long time. Thank you for that! I am so thrilled to be a part of your journey into marriage. Your wedding is going to be fantastic! Because your love is just that. Fantastic. 

I adore you both. 

Without any further ramblings, here is the prestigious, loving, joy-filled couple in downtown Columbia! Au Revoir!

Wouldn't this look great in their home? I kind of wish my wall had their pictures on it! :)

If you are ever in Austin, TX, you definitely need to check out Board and Brush! Sarah's mama and daddy own Board and Brush, and they did an amazing job with her wedding date sign! :) 

Love and Laughter, 


Anderson Anniversary | Surfside Beach, SC Anniversary Photographer

Anniversaries are super special to me. They are a reminder of another year you have devoted to each other, the good times and the bad, the strength that comes from unconditional love. 

When Danielle and Marcus won our Anniversary Session giveaway last year, I couldn't have imagined a more fitting couple!

We were given the honor of hosting them in our home for their anniversary getaway and loved getting to spend time not only with one of our couples, but also our friends. They loved on our sweet Sadie, ate breakfast with us (even though I burned the first batch of toast because I was talking too much!), and chatted about life on our couch. It was all things wonderful. 

We were able to go out on the beach together for their anniversary session right before sunset. The light did not disappoint and neither did they. 

Marcus and Danielle, we love, love, love yall! I am so honored to capture yet another example of the sweet love you share together! Your heart for Jesus is contagious and your marriage is a wonderful reflection of that love. We are always here for you both!

Without further ado, our Surfside Beach anniversary session awaits...

Wouldn't this look great in their home? 

View their sweet slideshow here! 

Love and Laughter, 


Photo Session Giveaway

Our client giveaway was so great that I wanted to open up another giveaway to all of my followers or future followers!

We are giving away a one hour photo session for a lucky winner in the Myrtle Beach, SC or the Greenville, SC area. 

2016 is going to be our best year yet and we want to share that with you! 

Here is the instructions to enter! Please do each step! I will be checking!!!!

  1. Comment on this blog post with why you would LOVE to be given a free photo session. Comments are entered at the bottom! 
  2. Click Like on our Facebook page!
  3. Click Follow on our Instagram!
  4. Share this post's photo on your Facebook page! 

We will draw names out of a hat on Monday January 25, 2016. The names will be those who followed all 4 steps!!! 

*1 hour photo session in the Myrtle Beach or Greenville, SC areas. No prints will be given. Online access to download your photos will be received.

I am so excited to see who gets to be a part of our giveaway!

love and laughter,