O'Neal Family Christmas

We had a blast traveling home this Christmas. Since we were all together, we had to join in on the family picture tradition...well we took it to another level of crazy!

Think. 6 fully grown humans. 4 fully grown doggies. With fully grown personalities. 

It was a blast and more painless than we anticipated! I bet you can't even tell that it was almost 80 degrees in our cozy attire! :) 

Hope you enjoy!

love and laughter, 


David + Julleen | Garden City Beach, SC Couple Photographer

I am blown away by the people that God keeps bringing in front of my lens!

Julleen and I work together and was thrilled to take pictures of her, her husband, and her sweet Boxer babies. 

Let me tell you friends, the laughter that rang around the pier was encouraging. Being married, and living life with another human for lots of years brings that kind of pure joy!

David and Julleen, thank you for honoring me with this memory and making me feel like part of your adorable family! Keep showing that beautiful Jesus-honoring joy to the world! 

love and laughter, 


Simply Christmas.

Christmas hullabaloo...

Sometimes I feel like I am standing in front of the ocean racing in to...

Trip me, overtake, or unsteady my feet during this season. 

It is so incredibly... impeccably wrong.

Christmas is so very much more. 

More than the lists, the full calendars, the travel, the scheduling...

It's about Him. It's about Grace. It's about undeniable Sacrifice. 

STOP. Just for a second sweet friend and lean in to His presence. For it is good.

That baby in your nativity scene is so much more than just a story. He is our righteous King. 

Coming for you...

Look for Him. 

If you have to push away the garland, chubby Santas, stacks of presents, and anxiety that fills your heart, do it. 

For He is the One we are celebrating. He is worth it. 

Merry Christmas dear one. 

love and laughter,


Fall Family Session | Conway, SC Photographer

This fall session was beautiful. In that low country November heat, no sunshine for weeks, kind of way. 

But it was beautiful. 

We had a blast photographing Haley, Hunter, and Layne along with horses, barns, and hay! It couldn't get much better than that. 

This little family is always fun to photograph! 

Thanks for letting me watch Layne grow through the lens of my camera! 


Love and Laughter,