Father's Day

Father’s Day kind of falls by the way side sometimes. Much like my daddy. He loves being low-key, behind-the-scenes, and out of the spotlight. He has lived life that way. He is awesome at it! That makes him nonetheless amazing as a daddy. Probably even more so. He is always a phone call away for a computer question. He sacrifices much and words won’t do him justice. Thank you for always being a daddy first and sacrificing so much for us. Thank you for showing me the kind of man to marry and how to live greatly with little. I love you more than you know! Happy Father’s Day!


To the next father…my Papaw! Let me tell you. Cuteness does not even begin to describe this man. He is the rock upon which our family stands because he stands on the true Rock. Jesus. I know that he has no idea what a blog is at a ripe young age of 84, but his leadership and care deserves recognizing.

I have spent most of my life in the confines of his property. Walking with him through the woods. Picking corn and cucumbers with him in dreadfully hot summers. Waking up to the smell of coffee and sunshine in his spare bedroom. Watching the marriage that he had with my precious Mamaw. I dream to grow up like they lived.

Slow. Simple. With great love.

No thing could be more exhilarating in our house than hearing that we were going to Mamaw Mary’s and Papaw Harold’s. If those walls could talk.

Checkers. Gaither Gospel Hour on cassette. Dr. Walter Johnson preaching on cassette in Papaw’s old Ford truck.

Age brings decay and pain. But a legacy becomes more vibrant with years. Oh how I pray to live like that.

Cute overalls. Worn out bible. Miles walked praying over my family. Oh that I might follow that example.

We love you Papaw! More than you could fathom! I’ll be coming back over to share your “Nibby” Nilla Wafers and Little Debbies soon. Very soon. Happy Father’s Day!

All wedding and bridal pictures courtesy of Paula Player Photography.

Love and Laughter,