Marcus + Danielle Anderson | Lindsey Plantation Wedding Photographer

These two. I have watched them grow up into amazing adults! I remember when they started dating and loved getting to be a part of their life as a friend.

We are a long way from our ROTC days aren't we? :)

They have been unwavering. Just as much enthralled with each other since they were in high school. If not, more so.

Being a part of this time of life for the Anderson's, has been amazing. Not only because they are the most laid back and gorgeous clients, but also their desire to make their covenant with God and each other an example to those around them.

They requested doing a first look. And let me tell you, it was one for the record books. The peace and joy that fell over that tucked away place was electric. When they had time to chat, I told them that they could not do that to me anymore! I was literally tearing up behind the camera. It was that beautiful.

You will get to see the tender way Marcus looks at his new bride. You will get to see the way Danielle melts in front of her husband. And it is glorious. Just the way their Creator intended.

Their ceremony was a worship service. A service over looking the mountains. The mountains that God spoke into being way before Marcus and Danielle graced this hallowed ground. Looking back to the faithfulness of the One who introduced them, and holding on to the hope of Jesus being the One that will bind them together in the days ahead.

I will let you see for yourself. Sit down, grab a nice warm drink, and soak this up.


Hair and Makeup: Bride: Honeysuckle Glo Groom: Kevin Dill from Identity Salon

Venue: Lindsey Plantation

love and laughter, 


Danielle Bridal | Lindsey Plantation, Bald Rock Photographer

Danielle has been one of my sweet friends, excuse my grammar, for. like. ever. :) We have grown up together and I was so thrilled to be a part of such a special time in her life! I sincerely think that the older she gets, the more gorgeous she becomes. Inside and out. I knew that taking bridal portraits of her were already going to be breath-taking, however, I decided to amp it up a notch! She and I were discussing locations and I thought hmmm, why don't we shoot them on the side of a mountain? Guess what? She said "Let's do it!".

This girl is a champ. Like ranking 10 out of 10 for most adventurous brides. She braved the rain before our session. Climbed a rock on a side of a mountain. In her wedding dress. In Chacos. I was in bridal session heaven!

I will stop rambling and show you what I mean. Feel free to comment on the gorgeousness that is this bride, because she totally deserves it!