Why You Should Take Pictures of the Little Things

I get it. I am a photographer. 

I take pictures. It comes natural to me. But I am not always good at taking pictures of my own life.

You probably aren't either if you admit it. 

I am here to tell you why you should take pictures of your family doing the unfashionable parts of life. Because, those are the pictures that you will treasure most. 

I am not saying that good quality portraits aren't important, because they are! (I'll write a blog post on that one day)

However, your memories aren't of when your clothes were the cleanest or your mama had the house clean. 

They are the memories with dirt on them. The ones that probably were passed over by most. 

Here is a picture that I will treasure till Kingdom Come. 

It is a picture of my Papaw, the last time he planted corn in his garden. The last time he stood, shucked corn and blew silks off with his air hose. (I always loved that part). 

It isn't anything special, but it is. It is to me. 

I am working harder to take pictures of life as they happen, so that I will have moments of time to share with my children. 

In print. I am working to be better about that too! ;)

Pick up that cell phone or camera and take a picture of your wife/husband washing dishes, your child setting the table, your grandma baking a cake. Anything. 

Go out and capture some heirloom memories to share!

Love and Laughter,